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We're Loumeir and Mila, the couple behind the frame (get it?).

He's a product design specialist at one of Canada's largest architectural glass manufacturer's and she's a pediatric nurse at Alberta's children's hospital.

Together we've been shooting weddings for 7 years, in locations like Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, and all around Canada.

And we love love.


We shoot your wedding the way we wanted ours shot.

Organic and full of love. 

We know what the day is like. We've been there! We want you to be overwhelmed with love, not overwhelmed by the cameras.

When you work with us, we want you to know that what you're paying for isn't just stunning photos or films. You're paying for a team who have the experience to understand how hectic a wedding can be, how to navigate around those uncle's with the giant ipads, how to be sensitive around unique cultural festivities, and how to make you feel like it's just two friends shooting your day and not a production team. 

Hit that contact page button on the side and we would love to sit down for coffee, wine, or crack open a cold one with you!

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